From the 1960s onwards, Candeğer Furtun has produced ceramic works informed by problematics relating to life, philosophy, history, society and politics, featuring a wholly original approach in terms of both form and material. The artist’s first retrospective exhibition brings together more than a hundred works reflecting her rich world of forms and textures, along with archival materials that closely document the research and production processes in her studio. The exhibited works manifest Furtun’s contributions to the art of ceramics – which went through a significant transformation during the 1960s – as an artist who involved natural processes in her work by liberating the soil and allowing for coincidences in her artistic practice.

Conceived around the notion of the “shell” that the artist often references both in relation to ceramics and to her own practice, the exhibition focuses on the human body and nature as themes that hold formal and conceptual significance in Furtun’s oeuvre. It underscores the relations between these themes, and the possibilities of transitioning between them, enabled by the artist who proclaimed that she “sees human figures in each shell, seed and rock, even when observing nature”. The concept of the “shell” serves as a springboard and also points to the dynamic interactions between interiority/exteriority, emptiness/fullness, abstraction/figuration, part/whole and singularity/plurality that are embodied in the forms the artist creates.

Located on the entrance and -1 floors of Arter, the exhibition takes a chronological perspective on Furtun’s production spanning six decades and invites visitors to experience her works through the lens of colour and the evolution of forms. This field of experience begins with her early abstract works richly defined by autumnal shades of soil and extends towards a palette of flesh tones employed in the leg, arm, hand and torso series the artist began to produce from the 1980s onwards, which utilise a more figurative style of expression. The exhibition Candeğer Furtun encourages a reflection on the artistic character of the object stripped of its functionality not through representation, but through its close contact with life and its inherent, inseparable component, death.

The Candeğer Furtun retrospective begins at Gallery 0, the entrance floor of Arter, and continues at Gallery -1. During the exhibition, admission to both galleries will be free of charge.

ARTER Space for Art