Who is Articheck?

A pillar of Articheck’s mission from day one has been decreasing the art world’s environmental impact. First with their digital condition reporting system and now the revolutionary Virtual Courier tool, Articheck creates a synergy between fine art processes and cutting edge technology. Trusted by museums, galleries, shippers, and conservators around the world, Articheck works with organizations on 5 continents. 
Articheck’s latest contribution to sustainable development is Virtual Courier: the world’s first software tool designed to record condition before, during, and after shipment. This legally verifiable chain of condition tool allows for the reduction of staff travel footprint, increased use of sea freight, and more. 
By implementing Virtual Courier and Articheck’s digital condition reporting, art organizations can reach the 2030 Paris Climate Accords goals with just one app. Learn more at or get in touch using

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