Dig. Reveal. The occult. Bringing together a broad set of drawings, surely the most extensive collection of works by Maria Capelo to date, this exhibition gives  for the first time an extraordinarily important view of the dimension of the work of the artist, which are visible-images, pictures, frames, and text fragments, poems, entire passages, collected in the process of research, construction. When we look at the drawings and paintings you don’t imagine that there is this workshop behind the scenes. One might think, wrongly, that the workshop’s own doing, but no, there already is a reduction process, close to the bone, a skeleton. But, how does the passage of image and text to the paper or the canvas? Like opera, like verte, the choice of what to see? In the end, there is the question: should we keep secret what is the order of the secret or, on the contrary, the secret must be revealed to remain hidden? The work of Mary Capelo is classified by vocation and by conviction. Their part, one that gives the visibility, is painting and drawing. Both flock and flow into a common denominator, a standard measurement unit, elementary, and archetypal-the quintessential tree. It could be said that there’s nothing or we could play with words and say that “the tree to hide the forest”, but it’s more than that; the images-things-Mary Capelo produces reveal and hide at the same time.

Curated by  Nuno Faria


Fundaçao Carmona a Costa

Edifício de Espanha (Bairro do Rego)
Rua Soeiro Pereira Gomes, Lote 1- 6º A e D
1600-196 Lisboa | Portugal