Contemporary Signing

The Language of Art

A Summary of the Project



F2F Question Time proposed by:  Amanda Beattie Éducatrice et chargée de projets /Educator and Project Manager,

Contemporary Signing: The Language of Art is a pilot project for people from the Deaf and hard of hearing communities that will take place at the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art, Montreal, in 2022. Our partners for this collaborative project are the wonderful team at Seeing Voices Montréal. The project involves a guided visit in American Sign Language (ASL), an art workshop, and an exhibition of the participants’ artwork in a community center. The team at the PHI Foundation will be embarking on some basic training of ASL, with the intention of following up with classes in Quebec Sign Language as well (LSQ). Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer visits in both ASL and LSQ with a Deaf guide for the general public.

In preparation for this project, I embarked on some research in the field (identifying various organizations, groups and schools that work with people from the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities; researching their mandates, goals, past partnerships; researching what offerings other art institutions in Montreal and elsewhere have for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people). This was followed by a period of outreach and meetings (reaching out to the selected groups to determine interest and possibility of partnerships; meeting with the involved people on zoom; brainstorming together to develop our collaboration with one another). During this phase of the project, I met with artists who have worked with people from the Deaf and hard of hearing community; museum professionals; professors and PhD students who are part of the community and are working in the field; and people working in various community organizations. These conversations fueled me with resources, ideas, and support, and I look forward to continuing the conversation!

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