PLANT gives a comprehensive insight into the work and practice of Amely Spötzl.

Since childhood Amely has played with, and been intrigued by, plants and structures found in nature. Today, they are the basis, inspiration, content and often physical material in her art.

The classical and traditional studies of nature have long been applied by many artists in the development of perception, and the internalization, of nature. In Amely’s work these studies seize a concrete, personal, but also universal dimension.

In geometrical and almost formulaic drawings Amely painstakingly documents distinct characteristic features in especially developed number and shape sequences.
In contrast to the repetitive systems her selections, and integration of various three-dimensional objects, highlight the narrative and imaginative part of her work.

In much of her practice the pairing of structured convention with organic materials, in various techniques and mediums, is Amely Spötzl winning formula. Her latest work “Chapell of Process” will be revealed for the first time as part of the PLANT exhibition.

In ESMoA’s free-standing space, a large number of diverse studies are condensed into a series of intensive studio work. The audience is given insight into a laboratory, based on fascination, connectedness, play instinct and curiosity.

The contemporary background of these extensive long-lasting studies are also the fundamental questions about sensual perception and intuition. “If and when our planet needs to deliver a message it will voice it directly through plants as in their natural occurrence plants hold the answer and reaction to all the influences involved.”

In addition, an exciting interactive element, titled “thicket”, will be installed in PLANT. All visitors are invited to actively participate in the creation of “thicket”.


208 Main Street

El Segundo

CA, 90245