Pablo Picasso and Egidio Costantini

Augusto Rancilio Foundation hosts in the ancient halls of the first floor of Villa Arconati-FAR some of the contemporary artworks of the Parisian Gallery KIRON. A patrimony made up of around 3000 works, gathered by Espace KIRON between the 1980s and 2000s, which today is entrusted to the management of the Foundation, which makes this heritage available to the public.

The Parisian KIRON Gallery was a multi-purpose space created with the intention of giving rise to voice and support to young artists, allowing them to start their own careers. The collection was born, therefore, as a “corporate” collection in which young artists, in exchange for the hospitality given by KIRON, periodically left their works. We can, therefore, talk about modern collecting/patronage based on a form of dialogue and a personal relationship with the artists.

FAR offers a selection of works by six of the most representative artists of this conspicuous collection:

Antonì Taulé with his perspectives. Painter and architect, he paints hyper-realistic works that reinterpret the theme of the breach, of an architecture that opens onto another space in a contemporary key.

In contrast there is the expressionist painting of Pierluigi Bellacci, who reinvent the painting of gesture based on the sign and color with a return to a primitive art marked by instinct.

With Varozza the subject does not reveal itself immediately, a time of familiarisation is necessary to impregnate you with its pictoriality, to immerse yourself and to make your own image.

Next to that are works of Jean-Luc Guérin, a darker and more informal painter, who remembers how painting can be the recording of an emotional state, a sort of biographical diary.

Andrè Queffurus, the only artist who is no longer living, with his painting goes back to Cubism and Fauves painting, reworked in a modern perspective.

Emanuele Gregolin local painter very attached to the history of Villa Arconati, he is an artist who joined KIRON after the Paris gallery closed.


Costantini’s glass works of Picasso in the Villa Arconati


Egidio Costantini, the “master of glass” who collaborated among others with Oskar Kokoschka, Marc Chagall, Jean Arp, Max Ernst, Varozza and Peggy Guggenheim, but above all with Picasso.

The exhibition will be enriched by two works by Pablo Picasso – Centauro testa (1962) and Flamenco (1954) – “translated” in the immortality of glass by the master Egidio Costantini: not a simple copy in glass on artist’s drawing, but real works made with two hands thanks to the art of two minds and two hearts that worked together to create their own art through glass.

Curated by Luca Pietro Nicoletti

The Augusto Rancilio Foundation confirms itself, therefore, as a reference point for the enhancement of Italian contemporary art, which finds fertile ground in Villa Arconati-FAR to continue the path of promotion and support of young artists already started by Kiron.

The exhibition can be visited in coincidence with the openings to the public, included in the entrance ticket to the Villa.


Fondazione Augusto Rancillio – Villa Arconati

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