Collective Exhibition

Expression of 22 Guadeloupean artists in a time of lockdown around 3 themes: the outline, the drawing, and the social mask.

What is the highlight of this past period, which seems to be lasting? How do we talk about it without yielding to the temptation of the anecdote which transforms any work of art into an illustration? We propose leaving the way open to artists, but that the project, in its construction, should reveal the violent rise of the digital in our lives. It appears to us as the shadow of a wing of Soukounian above the Guadeloupean creation. We propose an almost schizophrenic exhibition where the real and the digital seek a balance.

Curator: Thierry Alet

Artists : Thierry Alet, Chantaléa Commin, Alain Lacki, Féline Line Lucol, Antoine Nabajoth, François Piquet, Ruddy Marc Roquelaure, Jimmy Sabas alias Mash, Jérôme Sainte-Luce, Catherine Seznec, Rony Sidon, Amandine Uger, Philibert Yrius, Goodÿ, Jean-Marc Boudine, Steeve Vérin, Pauline et Mathilde Bonnet, Valéry Gabon, Romain Ganer, Carla Bernhardt , Charles Chulem-Rousseau

Image: Chantalea Commin, Babel, les grands poissons mangent les petits, Acrylique, pastels, technique mixte sur bois, 200×200 cm, 2020

Fondation Clément – Habitation Clément

Domaine de l’Acajou

Le François 97240, Martinique