Hoda Afshar • Cécile Beau • Benoit Billotte • Stéphane Clor • Olivier Crouzel • Pauline Delwaulle • Gilles Desplanques • Pierre Fraenkel • Charles Fréger • François Génot • Axel Gouala • Sébastien Gouju • Rodney Graham • Yoanne Lamoulère • Philippe Lepeut • Aurélien Mauplot • Abraham Poincheval • Eleonore Saintagnan • Stéphane Thidet • Brankica Zilovic

The exhibition on the island and island issues presents some twenty works by mainly European artists, and continues the cycle inaugurated with “The Cloud Atlas”.

From confinement to paradise, the island is a subject that has inspired many artists, writers and thinkers. The tour will address the issues of shipwreck, Robinsonnades, the strange, idyllic, fantasized island, but also the sensation of confinement and isolation. More than 25 artists will present their visions of the island.

Fundación PROA