The Giacometti Institute involves Douglas Gordon in its activities for one year. For the first time an institution dedicated to modern art is inviting a contemporary artist to be associated with its activities and to intervene throughout the year.
On 24 April 2020, an exhibition of the contemporary artist Douglas Gordon, ‘The Morning After’, was due to open at the Giacometti Institute, putting original works by the artist and Alberto Giacometti’s works side by side. The health circumstances linked to the Covid crisis19 unfortunately did not allow this opening and the exhibition had to be delayed for a year.
This postponement gave rise to the desire to imagine a different kind of long-term companionship with the artist in the form of a “residency” by associating Douglas Gordon with his activities until April 2021. This unprecedented collaboration, planned for one year, will be punctuated by impromptu interventions, dissemination, exchanges and meetings on the Foundation’s website, in the spaces of the Institute or its partners.

Curator : Christian Alandete

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1966, Douglas Gordon is a multidisciplinary artist working on video, drawing, sculpture and installation. His work on the distortion of time and the tension between opposite forces (life and death, good and evil, blessed and damned, captive or free, etc.) share common ground with Giacometti’s questioning on the human condition. Taking hold of the characteristics of the domestic space occupied by the Giacometti Institute, Douglas Gordon imagines a dialogue between his work and Giacometti’s work. For the occasion, the artist has made a series of original works never exhibited before that will be presented with some sculptures and drawings by Giacometti that are little-known or have never been shown previously in public.

Fondation Giacometti

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