Discover the birth and evolution of the Carosello phenomenon, the most popular Italian television program ever! Two years after the first exhibition dedicated to the history of advertising in Italy from 1890 to 1957, the investigation continues thanks to the new exhibition.

Through an engaging exhibition you will be able to review Carosello’s most significant and exhilarating advertising inserts, with the most famous protagonists of the entertainment world: from Mina (Barilla) to Frank Sinatra, from Patty Pravo to Ornella Vanoni, from Totò to Gianni Morandi, passing by for Alberto Sordi, Virna Lisi, Vittorio Gassman, Mike Bongiorno and many others.

Along the exhibition halls, you will also find many famous posters from that period, born from the creativity of great designers such as Armando Testa, Erberto Carboni, Raymond Savignac, Giancarlo Iliprandi and Pino Tovaglia, together with sketches and preparatory sketches.

Thanks to a series of screens you will discover (or re-discover) the universe of animated characters who were born with television, such as La Linea by Osvaldo Cavandoli, Re Artù by Marco Biassoni, Calimero by Pagot or Angelino by Paul Campani, up to a multitude of characters born from the pencil of Gino Gavioli.

Fondazione Magnani Rocca, Mamiano di Traversetolo – Parma  | Italy