Fatma Bucak, ‘Fall’ from the series  “Four Ages of Women”, 2013

Fatma Bucak’s new exhibition So as to find the strength to see is the artist’s first major exhibition in an Italian  museum space. Fatma Bucak’s work addresses themes of great contemporary pertinence such as repression, expropriation, migration and state violence, which the artist develops through installations, performances, photographs, videos and sound environments. Her personal background and her belonging to the Kurdish minority is one of the elements that continues to inform her practice.

The artist follows a path made up of works that become the voice of forgotten chronicles, narrations of unexpressed thoughts, the re-examination of “individualities” excluded from history, of political or ethnic minorities, of women and socio-cultural structures in opposition to the established power.

Curated by Lisa Parola and Maria Centonze
Promoted by the Fondazione Merz with the Fondazione Sardi per l’Arte



Fondazione Merz
Via Limone 24
10141 Turin | Italy