«This summer, we invite you to the FHEL a totally new and…» to say the least, unusual. Let us surprise you! Come with us in this curious fancy and let’s go together with Laurent le Bon, curator of the exhibition, and Patrick Mauriès, to the discovery of these universes, of these amazing collections, these “Cabinets of curiosities”. Many worlds weird and variegated, more mysterious to most strangely familiar, objects and stories that cross the time, places, companies, at the crossroads of the arts, cultures, sciences and letters. Landerneau has not finished to amaze you! »
Michel-Edouard Leclerc

Essential place of Renaissance and baroque culture, instrument to know as much aesthetic pleasure, at the intersection of art and science, the cabinet of curiosities faded before rationalism lights, remaining secret of museums a few nostalgic collectors. It aroused in the early 20th century, that the interest of historians, lovers of weird and the surrealists who appreciated in the strangeness and poetic aspects. It took the passage in the next century to see the phenomenon know a paradoxical resurgence and take a new scope. After being devote, in France, in Poitiers in 2013, an exhibition, “The Unicorn and the bezoar”, which proposed to the history, the cabinet of curiosities is, in the draft of the FHEL, a renewed approach. Taking note of the fact that, become a source of inspiration for many artists, theme of international exhibitions as well as taste and the interior decoration trend, the cabinet of curiosities is now part of the contemporary imagination, presents exhibition intends to follow different expressions, echoes and interpretations. Opens on a new historical perspective, she focuses on the onlookers who have reinvented, in recent decades, the concept of cabinet of curiosities: whether it’s institutions such as the national Museum of history natural, the Museum of hunting and Nature in Paris, the Anatomy Museum of Montpellier or Museum Cqta the Tournelles in Rouen, personalities, as the founder of the Red House, Antoine de Galbert or artists such as Miquel Barceló, Jean-Jacques Lebel or Théo Mercier. This draft as well, on nearly 1000 square meters, in a stunning setting, which could be a cabinet of curiosities of the present moment.

Commissariat Laurent Le Bon
Commissaire associé Patrick Mauriès

Fonds Hélène & Édouard Leclerc pour la Culture
Aux Capucins, 29800 Landerneau | France