Christina Mackie, “Color Drop”, 2014


On July 19, the XXIV CSAV – Artists’ Research Laboratory opens its doors to the public with four events: a solo exhibition by Christina Mackie, her conference Laboratorio Aperto, the exhibition of young participating artists lasting one day and a new installation by Hugo Esquinca.

Under the guidance of artist Christina Mackie, the XXIV edition of the CSAV – Artists’ Research Laboratory, entitled How to Begin, will take place at the Antonio Ratti Foundation from 2 to 25 July 2018.

The workshop, directed by Annie Ratti with Lorenzo Benedetti and Gregorio Magnani, will be attended by eighteen young artists from different countries of the world, selected from over three hundred entries.

The theme of the “How to Begin” workshop is suggested by Mackie’s reflections on the space above and informs the creation of a work of art. The questions opened by this research both in the context of an individual artistic practice and in that of a group meeting, will be analyzed during the workshop with the contribution of Chris Fite-Wassilak and Kate Briggs, theoretical discussions and individual and collective artistic research.
This will be followed by a publication elaborated collectively during the workshop by the participants and a publication dedicated to Christina Mackie.

July 19 Events

– At 6 p.m. The Yellows conference by Christina Mackie will be held in the conference room of Villa Sucota. Here Mackie will address the concepts and retrace his thoughts on the themes of filtering, translation, reduction and translation between different formats and media, which have been at the heart of his research over the last four years.

– The opening of Christina Mackie’s exhibition follows at 7.30 pm: People Powder, at the former church of San Francesco. Starting from the Yellow Machines, one of the three parts of the monumental installation produced at Tate Britain in London in 2015, gigantic filters produced with a sophisticated technology but apparently without function, which will be presented again at the church of San Francesco, the exhibition adds a new and perhaps concluding chapter in Mackie’s research on the passage between different states adding a series of video animations and a site-specific installation composed of abrasive preforms and technologically complex plastic regranules.

– At 20, the exhibition of young participating artists, Laboratorio Aperto, will open at the Asilo Sant’Elia, designed by Giuseppe Terragni. The 24-hour exhibition is intended as a public moment of shared reflection on the laboratory’s processes, research and discussions.

– At 19:30 STUDIO ON THE ASSIMMETRICAL ZONAL DISTRIBUTION (Study on Asymmetrical Zonality) will also be inaugurated, the new site-specific sound installation for the Villa Sucota chapel by the artist Hugo Esquinca, based on generative and indeterminate amplifications of the multiple resonance zones defined by the acoustic characteristics of the building. Esquinca participated in the 2017 edition of the CSAV.


Yusef Audeh (USA/Palestine), Simon Belleau (Canada), Joe Brown (UK), Paula Buskevica (Latvia), Vincent Ceraudo (France/Italy), Omar Chowdhury (Bangladesh/Australia), Inga Danysz (Poland), Gustavo Gomez Brechtel (Mexico), Nicolas Gullotta (Argentina), Zishi Han (China), Petra Hjartardóttir (Iceland), Mourad Kouri (Sweden/Syria/Canada), Vibeke Mascini (Germany), Anna Meschiari (Italy/Switzerland), Rebecca Moccia (Italy), Fathia Mohidin (Sweden), Lisa Trogen Devgun (Sweden), Andrea Zucchini (Italy).

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Christina Mackie’s work takes shape from an interest in materials and processes, and how they relate to social and natural events. His research has ranged from the investigation of the structures of power, human and non-human, biology, genetics, formalism, chemistry. Mackie is known for his sculptures and installations that often rely on assemblages of disparate materials to achieve a temporary synthesis of what appears to be an incessant process.
Christina Mackie was born in 1956 in England and grew up in Canada before moving to London in the 1970s. Recent solo exhibitions include: Tate Britain, London (2015), Praxes, Berlin (2015), The Renaissance Society, Chicago (2014), Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (2012) and Chisenhale Gallery, London (2012).

Fondazione Antonio Ratti Villa Sucota Via per Cernobbio, 19 22100 Como, Italy