Artspace 'De 11 Lijnen' is an exhibition space for contemporary art. It is an inspiring place for authenticity and reflection, away from the central art scenes. Artists who fulfil a hinge function and who break new ground are invited to develop a project. The site is located in Oudenburg, Belgium. Oudenburg was first an old Roman settlement, a castellum along the seaside. You still can find archaeological remains in the ground. The polder has been reclaimed from the sea in the 16th century. Through the polderland you have many sea creeks. The seawater, coming into the land, with its own plants generates typical vegetation to the polder. Under the immensity of the sky, the flatland seems small. The North Sea gives the light a special, strong, and clear aspect.

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Groenedijkstraat 1 Oudenburg 8460 Belgium.

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