About ESMoA

ESMoA is an art laboratory located in El Segundo, California and it is run by artlab21 Foundation. Our mission is to Spread the Spark of Creativity through the display and education of visual arts. ESMoA functions as a catalyst for creative thinking offering unique Experiences. The Experiences – our word for exhibition/exhibit – present a variety of media, including sculpture, painting, works on paper, performances, and photography.

Our Vision

We would like everybody to learn more about themselves. Life is too short to not know and use all of your senses. ESMoA believes that art is a state of mind that can open all your senses. And artworks help you to reflect on things that are and will be. So come and experience it for yourself. We promise that with every visit to ESMoA you will see the world and yourself a little bit differently.

Our Three Pillars

ESMoA’s activity is based on three fundamental pillars: Experiences, Arts Education Programs and Artist in Residence.


ESMoA Experiences are thematic and conceptual, rather than chronological. In each Experience, the gallery space changes to best present the artwork and theme. The Experiences serve as the focal point for a constellation of workshop, art talks, presentations and other public events (all free and open to the public) that are designed to expand dialogue, engage community members and enrich public audiences’ relationship to art, our shared communities and the world at large. 

Experience Numbering. Each Experience is an experimental project: the Experiences featured inside the ESMoA Gallery space have odd numbers, while the Experiences that take place outside the gallery and in the community have even numbers.


ESMoA provides an array of free programs and events, such as school programs, artist-led workshops, art talks, and family days and film festivals. Our educational staff writes original Standards- based curriculum for each Experience exhibition and facilitate exhibition tours and creative experiences for K-12 students throughout Los Angeles and the South Bay. They also conduct Evenings For Educators professional development training for schoolteachers.

Artist in Residence

ESMoA‘s work/live AIR hosts 3-5 international artists per year.  In addition, the Experience Scholarships program commissions local artists for short term projects and original artworks for exhibition at ESMoA.

Our Philosophy

ESMoA’s mission is to Spread the Spark of Creativity through thematic Experiences, free arts programming, and commissioning of original works by artists. Our three main program areas are Experiences, Arts Eduction Programs, and Artists in Residence programs. 

We do not believe that one person (i.e. an academic curator) is the ultimate authority on the knowledge of a work of art. Rather, many people, including our visitors, should contribute to the interpretation. For this reason, there are no labels on the walls next to art on display and visitors are invited to prioritize looking at the art, and to consult a multitude of interpretation tools, such as the Gallery Grid, books, Teacher Guide, to provide greater context to their art lab experience. This alternative approach to exploring art is intended to empower visitors and ignite within them a new passion, curiosity, and enjoyment for art.


Contact Info

208 Main Street El Segundo CA 90245 U.S.A..

esweeney@artlab21.org   http://www.esmoa.org

Our Map

You can also find them on our Foundation’s Worldwide Map.