Fondation Fiminco has invested in a former industrial site in Romainville, on the outskirts of Paris and accessible by the metro, to create a place that supports artists from all over the world and is open to all audiences. Designed for artists, this project aims to provide space, tools, and support to create a working environment for artists, across disciplinary practices.

This new cultural district brings all the ingredients necessary for a new ecosystem of contemporary creation intended for artists: an artist residency, exhibition spaces, galleries, and soon live performance structures, craftsmen, associations and a concert hall. By investing in this unusual location, the Fondation Fiminco is pursuing its missions to support contemporary artists and providing cultural access for all, as close as possible to the social and cultural dynamics of Greater Paris.

Inaugurated in October 2019, the project covers 11,000 square meters in five separate buildings, including a monumental 14-meter-high boiler room that has become an exhibition space. This unique site brings together the international artists’ residency of Fondation Fiminco, exhibition spaces, four art galleries – Air de ParisGalerie Jocelyn Wolff, Galerie Sator and In Situ Fabienne Leclerc -, the nonprofit organization Jeune Création, a film production company Gingerlemon, a book design and publishing house Laurel Parker Book, a campus of an art and design school, Parsons Paris and the new storage facility of the Fonds régional d’art contemporain Île-de-France.

New partners are expected in 2021: two art galleries, Maëlle Galerie and Bonny Poon, as well as a printing agency, Après Midi Lab.

The international artists’ residency is at the center of the project: the Fondation Fiminco main mission is to welcome international artists each year for 11 months, giving them the opportunity to develop their work and their research. Designed as a place open to all audiences, the Fondation Fiminco offers visitors the opportunity to experience contemporary creation, through a program of exhibitions, events and meetings with artists-in-residence.

The aim of the Fondation is not to build and show a collection, but to support artists throughout their creative process, accompanying their professional and artistic development.

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43 Rue de la Commune de Paris Romainville 93230 France.

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