The Jean Paul Riopelle Foundation celebrates the life, work and legacy of the artist through the preservation, promotion and dissemination of his work. The Foundation seeks, through innovation, creative programs, arts education, partnerships and support, to inspire future generations of artists and audiences so they can achieve their full creative potential and broaden their appreciation of Jean Paul Riopelle in the history of Canadian and international art.


  • Celebrate and broaden the appreciation of Jean Paul Riopelle in the history of Canadian and international art
  • Perpetuate the memory of Jean Paul Riopelle by encouraging commemorative action, such as the installation of memory plaques on the buildings in which he lived and worked, as well as advocating the application of his illustrious name to public buildings and spaces
  • Encourage Riopelle exhibitions at museums throughout the world, as well as cultural action and collaboration, namely in regard to the centenary of the artist’s birth on October 7, 2023
  • Support young Canadian and international visual artists whose interests are unconventional in relation to current trends in art making
  • Serve as a reference point, in partnership with the Centre de documentation et archives Riopelle (CdaR), in the documentation, publication and discourse on the oeuvre of Riopelle

Picture: Hommage à Robert le Diabolique, 1953, Oil on canvas, 200 x 282 cm. © Estate of Jean Paul Riopelle / Copyright Visuals Arts – CARCC / ADAGP (2023)

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