The mission of the Fondazione Coppola is to promote the visual languages of contemporary art, by focusing not only on acclaimed artists, but above all on emerging new talent. In 2018 Antonio Coppola, an entrepreneur, collector and art patron, established this foundation in the northern Italian city of Vicenza. The unique location of the Fondazione Coppola is the medieval tower of Porta Castello, known as the Torrione. This iconic monument, originally a fortification at the western gate of Vicenza, has been a symbol of the city for several centuries, and Giovanni Bellini painted it in the background of his late work the “Martinengo Pietà” (1505), owned by the Accademia Gallery of Venice. Thanks to the initiatives and activities of the Fondazione Coppola the Torrione can now be visited by the public. Its recently restored rooms host exhibitions, events, activities and workshops dedicated to contemporary art, and are a place for the creation, study and criticism of visual art.

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Corso Palladio 1 Vicenza 36100 Italy.

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