EACHEVE was founded in 2014 to address concerns about the fragility of artistic memory within Ecuador, with the original goal being the production of editorial publications with archival purpose – to record the thoughts, activities, and movement of contemporary artists in Ecuador. EACHEVE has since published a series of publications, including several important monographs, catalogs and books including Eduardo Solá Franco’s Illustrated Diaries, an artist’s book by Roberto Noboa, 101 Contemporary Art Ecuador Vol. I and the recent publication of the artist ‘Miguel Varea’.

Further motivated to stimulate the growth and development of Ecuador’s art world, EACHEVE has expanded its mission to organize several exhibitions, such as ‘ Algo Después’ by Ilich Castillo (Bogotá, 2016), ‘ Objetos de duda y de certeza’ by Manuela Ribadeneira (Quito, 2019), ‘Wonder Boy Complex’ by Xavier Coronel (Quito, 2021), ‘Mantengo la Urgencia de Reconciliar’ by Sofía Salazar Rosales (Guayaquil, 2022), and ‘La visión del monte’ by Simon Speiser (Guayaquil, 2023).

In 2021, EACHEVE becomes a non-profit foundation and entered partnerships with other leading arts organizations around the world with the goal of promoting Ecuadorian art internationally and nourishing the current mission of the foundation: to create new opportunities for Ecuadorian artists.

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Vía a la Costa Km 10.5, Avenida Principal Edificio Ecuaire Guayaquil Ecuador .


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