Created in 1995, the Federico Jorge Klemm Foundation opened its doors in the space adjacent to the gallery of the same name, which operated between 1992 and 1995. Heir to that project, its practices and trajectory, the Foundation was born as a space for the works of Federico Klemm's collection to have clear public visibility, with access to all communities, free of charge, and accompanying the dissemination of national and international heritage with a programme of temporary exhibitions of contemporary Argentine art. In 1997, Federico Klemm added the Klemm Prize for the Visual Arts to the Foundation, an annual call to promote young local artists, and which represents the main means of growth of the collection, adding two works of emerging art, from the first two acquisition prizes. This project, of great prestige in the artistic community, celebrates 24 years of solidity and recognition in 2020. "At the foundation that bears my name, we have established a new concept in terms of the creation of a space with a life of its own, which we can define as a global museum, where collections are exhibited in a didactic and museological function that at the same time meets the needs of art lovers, collectors and specialised critics, and where the work acquires a new dimension within art as an idea, to leave a historical testimony of artistic activity since the end of the millennium that we are living through. Our mission is one of great responsibility, because we assume our debt to Argentine art in a global projection that transcends the difficulties of our geographical location. New artistic values are continually emerging and Argentine artists are consolidating themselves internationally, which leads us to believe that we are close to very important achievements in the field of art and that very gratifying surprises can be produced. That is why one of the essential precepts of our foundation is to promote young artists". FK, 1997. Since 1998, the National Academy of Fine Arts has been appointed as the artistic and administrative overseer of the Foundation, which became active after his death in 2002.

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