Gaia Art Foundation facilitates cross-disciplinary projects that foster innovation and positive social change. Since 2014 they have nurtured cultural initiatives through seed-funding and partnerships, providing a fertile space for originators working within the arts, humanities, sciences and technology to come together and explore ideas that aspire to improve our collective future.

Their mission is to work with people who provoke new ways of seeing, thinking and being, to spur conversations and find tangible solutions through creative collaborations. Working with individuals and institutions they have produced and supported publications, public and performance art, talks programmes, intimate gatherings and inspirational discussions.

The meeting of different disciplines and diverse perspectives is essential to they activity. They aim to find, collaborate with and champion those who are active at the edges of creative practice and the forefront of ecological thinking, and to bring them together in a growing community that inspires positive thought and action.


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London United Kingdom.

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