HOW Art Museum was founded by Chinese collector Mr. Zheng Hao, and Mr. Yun Cheagab has been the director of the museum since 2012. It consists of two museums, HOW Art Museum (Shanghai) and HOW Art Museum (Wenzhou). The latter opened in 2013, and has held nearly 20 significant contemporary art exhibitions. HOW Art Museum (Shanghai), as a new cultural institution which boasts multiple functions including contemporary art collection, exhibition, research and education opened to public in September 2017. It pioneers to create a new model of operating a “Night Art Museum” for the convenience of the public, opening from 1pm to 10pm regularly, and 10am to 10pm on the weekends and holidays. The museum spreads over three floors, with the first and second floor acting as the exhibition space while the third floor on which HOW Design Center and HOW Store are situated.Meanwhile, HOW Art Museum also carries out international exchange programs and outdoor public activities, such as the International Curatorial Residency Program, Outdoor Film Festival and Sculpture Park to establish a brand-new art complex and cultural landmark in Shanghai.

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