True to tradition, Gammel Holtegaard starts the year with a photography exhibition when acclaimed Danish photographic artist Trine Søndergaard (b. 1972) occupies our galleries. People, nature and interiors are among Søndergaard’s motifs of choice, subjects the artist uses her lens to explore and unfold in serial works. What all Søndergaard’s works share is an inherent interest in time, or perhaps rather the dissolution of time in works that traverse the past and the present.

Trine Søndergaard’s art enters a fruitful exchange with the Baroque spirit of Gammel Holtegaard in an exhibition of works made specifically for and in dialogue with its historical architecture and garden.

Image: Trine Søndergaard, ‘Borgherre’ (2020)

Gammel Holtegaard

Attemosevej 170

2840 Holte, Denmark