Rosa Barba
Pontus Pettersson
Alex Reynolds
The Book Lovers

EDITORIAL THINKING presents and explores editorial processes in artistic practices. The exhibition brings together some works, publications and approaches to thinking and working with contemporary art through a process-based working method which could be considered as an editorial mode or lens. Editorial thinking is understood as a way to observe the world with multiple temporalities and focus, navigating through formats and collaborating with many agents.

The publishers and artists presented all work with sequences and temporalities of editorial making, producing and organizing; thus serialising, revisiting and recontextualizing their works. Simultaneously, this pattern of returning to central subjects through different formats echoes the historical narrative of Index’ ‘ongoingness’ – an approach that has shaped programming, exhibition making and how Index continues to work with and in support of artists.

Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation

Kungsbrostrand 19

11226 Stockholm, Sweden