James_Richards_Requests and Antisongs_2016


James Richards (1983 in Cardiff, lives in London) whose video »Rosebud« (2013) was nominated for the Turner-Prize 2014 is famous for his provocative and visually seductive videos. For over ten years Richards has been collecting images and video recordings as well as filming everyday life himself. He combines his video material in video collages made of online-clips, art films, intimate home videos, archived pictures, obscure TV-clips, internet streams or old VHS-tapes from second-hand-shops. His repertoire of video material ranges from horror films from the 1980s to his private recordings and is constantly replenished. Based on his video archive Richards has created an idiosyncratic poetic vocabulary that seems to be familiar and strange at the same time. His images evoke memories that captivate the observer for a moment but are never clear in their authenticity. In cooperation with the Kunsthalle Bergen and the ICA London



Goseriede 11

30159 Hanover, Germany