LAM Museum: Floor Manager

The LAM museum is looking for a FLOORMANAGER (flexible, approx. 20 hours)

The LAM museum is looking for an energetic and flexible floor manager. An inspiring manager who likes to roll up his/her sleeves and has a sense of facility management and the visitor experience.

We are a museum with a mission
The LAM Museum is a museum with a mission. With the largest food art collection in the world, a building with the wow factor and an enthusiastic and diverse team, we make visitors of all ages look differently. Not to elevate art, but to inspire visitors with new ideas.
The LAM is an entry-level museum, a place that you just as easily walk into as a supermarket. A place where you can find art ugly, crazy or beautiful, and a place where you can feel smart even if you know nothing about art. A place where you can chat and laugh and where you can talk to us about Messi, the Kardashians or your favorite food.

A floor manager deluxe
As a Floor Manager in the LAM, you are an assistant foreman (m/f). You are part of the team of Viewing Coaches who receive the public and encourage them to look at art. Meanwhile, you keep an eye on the big picture. You ensure that your team starts off complete and fresh, you check whether the works of art are neatly arranged and you see where the building needs maintenance. You are the oil in the team and have the final responsibility for the day. You are a quick thinker, have two right hands and are always on. You see where things can be improved and know that for every unexpected problem there is a solution. In addition, you have a sense of safety. In an emergency, you keep a cool head and act according to the BHV and CHV guidelines. You are a real manager; you organize, inspire and control. You combine the big picture with the details, have an eye for the people, the art and the building.

Would you like to know what is expected of you and what we can offer you? Read the entire job description here.

Let us hear from you
Before June 7, 2021, send us a short video in Dutch in which we get to know you and feel your enthusiasm for this position:, with “Vacature Floormanager” in the subject line. Good luck and we hope to see you soon!