“Non-Places and the Spaces in Between” reflects upon notions of identity as shaped by the current complex sociopolitical climate including the instability of borders and the alienating state of individualism endorsed by capitalism.

Using the concept of Non-Places as defined by anthropologist Marc Augè as transitory spaces where anonymity encourages isolation and homogenization, this exhibition investigates the disquieting state of contemporaneity through the interpretation of individual and collective spaces. It features sculptures, installations, videos, and works on paper by artists whose practices – each in their own unique way – offer a timely and powerful take on global perspectives of participation and resistance in an era of seemingly fungible truths.

The artists featured in the exhibition are recipients of the prestigious Premio New York, an annual prize that aims at fostering the careers of emerging Italian artists and at promoting Italian culture in the United States. It is organized by the Italian Cultural Institute with the support of Columbia University’s Italian Academy for Advanced Studies, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

Works by: Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Fatma Bucak, Calori & Maillard, Ludovica Carbotta, Danilo Correale, Marinella Senatore, Gian Maria Tosatti.”

Non-Places and the Spaces in Between is curated by Ylinka Barotto with Chiara Mannarino.

Italian Cultural Institute of New York

686 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10065