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Here is a place where members can post requests for other members to consider or act upon. If you would like to post to this page please use the form below. 

Eleanor Edmondson, Digital Arts and Marketing Coordinator, Jupiter Artland

We are looking to update our membership processing systems. We currently using a manual database, with membership options set up as products on the website. As the membership database is growing (around 1000 members), and following a new website design, we are looking to streamline this system and would be incredibly appreciative of any insight into WooCommerce compatible plugins you may already use/systems you currently use for membership payments and tracking?

We are currently considering using WooCommerce Memberships alongside HubSpot. Please do share any experience you’ve had with these products or other plugins. Thank you! Eleanor Edmondson, Digital Arts and Marketing Coordinator:

Here is a link to the short questionnaire.

Claire Feeley, Jupiter Artland

We’ve just launched a campaign to protect Jupiter Artland from a proposal that will see the building of unsustainable housing on the landscape encircling Jupiter. I’m very glad to be part of this network, especially as there is clearly work to be done to make the case for arts foundations as part of a vital arts ecology. If you can tweet your support with this hashtag, that would be massively appreciated. #ProtectJupiterartland

The Moholy-Nagy Foundation is keen to connect with art foundations around the world to share insights on the production of catalogue raisonnné and public outreach. Please contact Clare Hindle, to connect.

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