Traveling through the World of Art Foundations (13)


21 October 2021
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The lines between contemporary classic and classic contemporary seem to fade in these great intemporal exhibitions, which will tickle our brains in all possible ways:
A refreshing look at the two 20th century giants ‘Giacometti and Picasso’ in Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, NL; The wonderful sculptor Carol Bove in Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, USA; Textile and Art all around Como, IT as in Antonio’s Dream in the Fondazione Antonio Ratti; A special opportunity to see Francisco de Goya‘s work at the Beyeler Foundation in Riehen/Basel, CH and finally the first exhibition of the photographer Thomas Demandt in Moscow, RU at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.
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 Museum Voorlinden (NL)

In collaboration with the Musée National Picasso-Paris, the Fondation Giacometti presents at Museum Voorlinden an exhibition dedicated to the work of two of the greatest artists of the 20th century: Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) and Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966). The exhibition reveals the little known story about the relationship between the two artists and the interest they took in one another’s work at key moments of their careers, despite their twenty-year age difference.
Images (left) Alberto Giacometti, Homme qui marche II (1960). Fondation Giacometti © Succession Alberto Giacometti (right): Pablo Picasso, L’Ombre (1953). Musée national Picasso-Paris, © Succession Picasso 2021 Photo: © RMN-Grand Palais (Musée national Picasso-Paris) – © Mathieu Rabeau

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Nasher Sculpture Center (USA)

The first major museum presentation of Carole Bove at the  Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas (TX, USA) focused solely on Bove’s formidable steel sculptures, Carol Bove: Collage Sculptures will bring together nine sculptures from the last five years, two of which have been made especially for the Nasher’s exhibition. Organized by Nasher Curator Dr. Catherine Craft, “‘Carol Bove: Collage Sculptures‘ will provide an in-depth consideration of one of the most consequential artists working today”.
“Carol Bove is an artist of tremendous range and subtlety, and we are greatly looking forward to her Nasher presentation,” says Director Jeremy Strick. “Her work deftly expands traditional sculptural precedents into physically and conceptually fresh, revelatory new forms that confound and delight.”


Fondazione Antonio Ratti (IT)


The Fondazione Antonio Ratti at the Lake Como (IT) presents ‘Antonio’s Dream: A Journey Through Art and Textile in Como‘, a project reconnecting the vision and history of the entrepreneur Antonio Ratti with his hometown Como, the city where his concept of entrepreneurial and corporate culture developed, leaving a precious legacy that is still alive today.
Juxtaposing ancient textiles, contemporary artworks, and archive material, the exhibition traces the life, work, and vision of the industrialist and patron Antonio Ratti, one of the greatest entrepreneurs who, after World War II, reconstructed, with and through his company Ratti S.p.A, Italy’s industrial sector inspired by a profound philanthropic and cultural vision.

Beyeler Foundation (CH)

The Fondation Beyeler in Riehe/Basel (CH) has just opened one of the most important exhibitions ever devoted to Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) outside of Spain. Goya was one of the last major court artists and the first pioneer of modern art. He was both a painter of great portraits and an inventor of mysterious, personal pictorial worlds. It is precisely in these seemingly unresolvable contradictions that we discover the magical fascination of Goya’s art.
In his more than sixty-year artistic career, which spanned from the Rococo to the Romantic period, Goya revealed occurrences that went beyond the social conventions of his time. He depicted saints and criminals, witches and demons, pushing open the gate to realms that do not differentiate between reality and fantasy. In his art, Goya is a keen observer of the drama of reason and irrationality, of dreams and nightmares.


 Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (RU)

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow presents the first Russian exhibition of Thomas Demand, one of the most important photographers of recent decades. Borrowing images of events from the press other sources (or organizing technical shoots), Demand reproduces these scenes in life size from cardboard and paper—basically making sculptures—after which he photographs them and subsequently destroys the models.

‘Mirror Without Memory’ is composed of several fragments spread across two floors of the Museum. The ground floor is focused on the concept of models and modeling, the alpha and omega of Demand’s practice. Through interaction with architects (the Japanese practice SANAA and the UK-Swiss practice Caruso St John Architects), the artist presents a comprehensive exploration of the model: its life cycles, inner dynamics, the regimes of its synchronization with physical reality.

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