Patricia Domínguez, Tocas a una, tocas a todas (You touch one, you touch them all), 2022
Watercolour and gemstones on paper, 56 x 56 cm
Courtesy the Artist, Nicoletta Fiorucci Collection and Cecilia Brunson Projects.

Nicoletta Fiorucci Foundation & Collection: Recent Acquisitions and Eternal Loves – Part I

Location: Principality of Monaco, Monaco

Dates: 25 January – 21 March 2023

Curator: Giulia Civardi

Devised in conversation with the Collection’s Curator, Giulia Civardi, this intimate presentation unveils over 90 works by 59 international artists that radically shaped the Nicoletta Fiorucci Collection and the vision of its founder, as well as broader perceptions within the arts.

With a focus on emerging practices and works acquired over the past three years, the exhibition brings experimental artistic approaches in conversation with longstanding historical influences. Traditionally-recognised media such as painting, sculpture, and drawing appear alongside photography, textile, marquetry, collage, video, ceramic, mobile and digital technologies such as a responsive sound sculpture and a ‘sentient artwork’ that changes and adapts to its surroundings.

‘Art is my home’, affirms Nicoletta. In the last decade, the Fiorucci Art Trust regularly hosted several events, workshops, and performances in domestic environments. Continuing to embrace this approach through her Collection, Nicoletta was inspired to open the doors of a temporarily empty home – located inside the historic building of ‘La Rose De France’ in Monte-Carlo – leaving its interiors to their original, abandoned state.

By occupying an informal setting, the exhibition provides the visitor with an intimate space to engage with artistic expressions from multiple vantage points, to explore various paths in time, and to encounter radical gestures and unexpected figures.

With works by Evgeny Antufiev, Alvaro Barrington, Julie Béna, Karla Black, Camille Blatrix, Kerstin Brätsch, Nina Canell, Matilde Cerruti Quara, Ian Cheng, Adelaide Cioni, Leidy Churchman, Julien Creuzet, Enrico David, Patrizio Di Massimo, Patricia Domínguez, Lukas Duwenhögger, Latifa Echakhch, Simone Fattal, Katharina Fritsch, Paolo Gonzato, Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe, Celia Hempton, Camille Henrot, Anne Imhof, Koo Jeong A, Mimmo Jodice, Allison Katz, Bracha L. Ettinger, Maria Lai, Tarek Lakhrissi, Goshka Macuga, Enzo Mari, Jasper Marsalis, Nick Mauss, Lucy McKenzie, Fausto Melotti, Emil Michael Klein, Liliana Moro, Otobong Nkanga, Francis Offman, Lydia Ourahmane, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Lisa Ponti, Gio Ponti, Rob Pruitt, Rachel Rose, Giangiacomo Rossetti, Anri Sala, Prem Sahib, Alan Saret, Gino Sarfatti, Augustas Serapinas, David Shrigley, Shahzia Sikander, Ettore Sottsass, Ettore Spalletti, Emily Sundblad, Andro Wekua, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.


Open by appointment
La Rose De France
17 Boulevard de Suisse
Principality of Monaco


Nicoletta Fiorucci Foundation