For his first solo exhibition in Portugal, Nick Mauss (New York, 1980) has produced new work in response to an extended encounter with the Serralves Villa, a landmark Art Deco building. Installed within and against the unique architectural and decorative elements of the building, the exhibition proceeds in the form of an unfolding encounter with the grand, vacant, formerly domestic spaces of its architecture, inciting a disordering of psychological and physical circulation. Intricate Others resonates with histories of exhibition design and display, decoration and affect, proposing the choreography of space as an indirect mode of address. The constellation of works and models for unrealized spaces are situated throughout the building, at key points of tension, enacting a play of repetition, remembering and intensification. Mauss treats the entirety of the building as a set where artworks are thought of as visible forms that perform with the presence of live bodies.

Curated by João Ribas, Deputy Director and Senior Curator of the Serralves Museum.




Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art
Rua D. João de Castro, 210
4150–417 Porto  |  Portugal