The summer exhibition on the premises of the Verbeke Foundation consists of several expositions and performances:

Peter Beyls

Peter Beyls is an artist/scientist working on the intersection of computer science and the arts. He develops generative systems in music, the visual arts and hybrid formats. In this retrospective, all aspects of his being an artist emerge. Beyls has the power to share a self-reflection on the human-machine world in which we live with his audience at various levels and through various inputs to submit them to a keen research.


Jack Ox(US) Ursonate First Movement

Ox is an intermedia artist and an acknowledged pioneer of music visualisation. The primary goal of Ox’s work is to create an intimate correspondence between visual and musical languages. She visualised the Ursonate of Kurt Schwitters in Four Movements. The Verbeke Foundation has the honour to show the First Movement of this monumental research project.


Opening new exhibition space with kinetic artworks of Stan Wannet (NL)

Stan Wannet is, like Peter Beyls, an artist and an engineer. His background of solving-investigating and storytelling-philosophical thinking, man and machine, meets in his work. Those who visit the Inflatable will step into a world where fantasy and reality meet in an expressive way that touches you as a viewer. At first there is no other possibility than react emotionally and only then in an analytical way. The question of the why of everything we are and do is irrevocably and reveals itself in several layers.



  • Coupee Collage Collective / BCC#1
    Belgian Contemporary Collages @Verbeke Foundation
    Kunstenaars / artists: Wim Maes, David Boon, Eva Vermeiren, Thijs van der Linden, Annelies Vanoost, Frederic Castiau, Jolien De Roo, Dirk Van
    Curatoren: Bram Antheunis en Brunhilde Borms.
  • Mailart Ko de Jonge (NL)
    Presentation of Ballustrada, literary magazine for poetry and mail art. Independent and transverse.
  • New acquisitions
    New collages and assemblies from the collection of the Verbeke Foundation.


Jorrit Paaijmans, Radical Drawing Machine, Verbeke Foundation, 2019

Performances, Projecten
Jorrit Paaijmans (NL) Radical Drawing Device
Movedbymatter by Kasper Vandenberghe (B) Calculated Risk
Ronald De Winter (B) Berlijnse Muur 1989
Kevin Trappeniers (B)AntennA
Haseeb Ahmed (US) The Wind Egg
Frans Van Praet (B) Wankel
Sjef Meijman (NL) Gewichtstoename bij Bomen
Jeroen van Loon (NL) An Internet



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