WAF Roundtable: Communications & Marketing

1:1 with Leonie Merkl, Communications Manager at Kunstnernes Hus


Hear from Leonie Merkl, for a three-part series bringing together Marketing and Communication leaders from across our membership, providing a platform for important discussions around these topics and enabling questions to be shared and answered. These calls will be limited to 10 Art Foundations, to ensure productive and practical exchanges can take place.

Part 1/3

How to make the most of an exhibition on social media?

  • Making exhibitions more accessible and attracting an audience
  • What content to produce and when to show it? What works and what doesn’t?
  • Should art institutions be following social media trends?
  • How to interest a broad audience in a lesser well-known artist – or is that even necessary?

Part 2/3

How To Best Advertise And Target Relevant Audiences

  • Target audience vs. core audience
  • How to best determine and reach a relevant target audience
  • Best practices for advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and other digital and analog platforms
  • Priorities, priorities, priorities! Getting the most out of a small marketing budget
  • The importance and impacts of SEO
  • What can we learn from analytics and insights?

Part 3/3

How to have a communications strategy and deliver it

  • Expressing your institution’s core values by means of communication
  • How to identify your unique selling point and tone of voice
  • As a professional institution, how personal can – and should – you get?
  • How to navigate and acknowledge political events and movements?
  • How dependent are we on social media apps – are other channels such as newsletters still a thing?