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Digital Programmes

On the 29th April 2021, we held our round table call on digital programming, which was participated by KAI10 ARTHENA FOUNDATION in Düsseldorf Marion Eisele, curator; Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, Leonie Merkl; RIA in London Kate Davies, collections director; Yinka Shonibare Foundation, Belinda Holden, managing director, London UK and from Canada: the Esker Foundation, Jill Henderson in Calgary and PHI Foundation with Hélène-Marie Lemaire, Head of Education and Pohanna in Montreal.
The circumstances of these foundations are very different, but all looked for an adapted and encouraging digital way to deal with the pandemic within the limits of their possibilities.
It was clear that besides the great deception of not being able to fulfill the first goal of making exhibitions an enormous challenge was laying in the  development of digital programs, from social media, podcasts, to re-inventing on-line and educational, interactive programs and updating websites, including a large and sometimes painful reshuffle within the expertises of the (limited number of) collaborators: from smart technical possibilities to re-questioning themselves: “what can we do to reach the right audience with what content”.
Though nothing can replace physical contact with art, in a short time everybody got through the process of integrating digital programs and found many satisfactory solutions. For most it was a process of trial and error, for others, unexpected events gave a whole new dynamic to the foundation.
Belinda (YSF) posed an essential question: ‘What platforms have been most successful for you, either in the way you collaborate with the artists, or to move the audience beyond being a passive viewer”.
Other questions that were dealt with were: “How can you propose Digital Programme in a way that makes it more engaging and intimate for the audience; “How do you transform a live performance into a digital space” and “What are the possibilities for foundations in relation to the artists”.
The effort put into the digital programming is felt for everybody as the start of a new creative way to include this within the whole scale of activities of the foundations while especially inspiring thoughts were brought forward on the borderline between the digital and physical programs.
Here you can see the various stimulating experiences in dealing with these challenges, coming up with inventive ideas like online cooking programs work where everybody got the shopping lists beforehand on line to how your website can be used as a tool within this process:  giving you a lot to think about.

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